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Do you want to travel learning photography? Share your knowledge and advice with other photo enthusiasts? Spend a good vacation in incredible places enjoying your passion? I have been organizing Travel and Photographic Workshops around the world for more than 10 years. I do it by consulting my old notes and field notebooks, where I find the best locations in the countries and natural spaces to which I traveled as a reporter. They are destinations I went to for work and spent days and hours to find the most precious frame and the most subtle light. Now, I put those incredible places in front of your lens, so you can take them with you in your camera. And in front of those wonderful scenarios, I share my knowledge and give all the technical appreciations so that the photo has that master touch. It is an exciting and fun way to learn and reinforce knowledge.

People of all photographic levels attend my trips and workshops. From someone who just bought their first camera, to the most versed in photography. Some seek to learn as much as they can and others to enjoy the excellent locations and the good weather that is shared in this traveling experience. My job is to teach, guide and convey my passion for photography.

Take a look at the Photo Tours list. The dates are renewed every year, but the seasons or months are usually the same every year.

Travel Workshops

Viajes Lofoten


The Norwegian archipelago of the Lofoten Islands is a paradise that brings together snowy landscapes, with huge peaks between 500 and 1100 meters, cliffs and small fjords, with rocky and sandy beaches. A sparsely populated territory, with many square kilometers without human presence. In it are excellent virgin photographic locations. The landscape encompasses excellent shots of mountains and valleys, as well as spectacular coastal framing, or a mixture of both. Reflections in interior lagoons and, of course, marine inlets, surrounded by peaks and small fjords with enormous possibilities. At sunrise and sunset, warm lights mix with cool ones, creating an unmatched color contrast. The dates on which the trip is made are among the most suitable to contemplate one of the most exciting celestial phenomena: the northern lights. Every night, depending on the conditions, we will go out to photographically capture this colorful light phenomenon.

Date: March - April

Viajes Patagonia


Patagonia, divided between Chile and Argentina, extends some 2,300 kilometers from north to south in the southernmost cone of the American continent, thus encompassing an enormous variety of zones, climates and landscapes. For this reason, the seasons of the year arrive in a different and varied way in the calendar. My trip to Patagonia has as its destination three fundamental areas in a visit to Patagonia: the Fitz Roy massif in Chaltén, the Perito Moreno glacier in the south of the Glaciers National Park and the Torres del Paine National Park. . These areas, in addition to being the icons of the Patagonian landscape in their own right, are also the ones that have a greater variety of natural elements for landscape photography. They also have a variety of deciduous tree specimens, which provide the explosion of color that autumn offers. The locations studied on this trip, at specific visiting hours, provide an excellent opportunity to take a good handful of excellent images. The presence of fauna such as: condors, pumas, foxes, guanacos and huemules, among the largest, give the possibility of filling our frames with an incomparable backdrop.

Dates: Middle of April (Depending on Season)

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Viajes Patagonia


Patagonia is an untamed territory. Little tamed by man and even less by tourism. You can travel miles and miles with isolation as your only companion. Grandiosity and spectacular landscapes with a light that changes with every step. The retina does not stop working. At every turn there is a photo. The incredible Patagonia extends linearly and vertically on both sides of the borders of Chile and Argentina. The trip follows the southern highway, through Chile, where there are first-rate natural spaces. Lots of vegetation on the edge of the Pacific. Snow-capped mountains, huge waterfalls and the jewel of Torres de Paine National Park, one of the most photographed places in South America. The Argentine area has the jewels of the impressive Cerro Torre massif in El Chaltén, which leaves anyone speechless and the Perito Moreno glacier.
A dense 16-day trip to fill memory cards with evocative images.

Date: November - December

Viajes Lofoten


Author's trip, very exclusive, for lovers of the specialty of nature and wildlife photography. The cliffs of the Lofoten Islands, due to their location in the Norwegian Sea - full of fishing areas - are home to an important population of ospreys. These large birds nest on the cliffs closest to the closed sea inlets, where the sea is calmer and the warm currents coming from the Gulf backwater. Thanks to this, fishing schools of cod, sea trout and other specimens are concentrated at shallow depths and are easy prey for these birds of prey. Normally, it is relatively easy to spot ospreys flying and perching on its cliffs and perches, places that are difficult to access and difficult for photography. However, it is at sea, at the time of their dives when we will have the best opportunity to photograph them. The trip is combined with landscape photography in diverse and spectacular locations, including night outings to capture the Northern Lights.

Date: March-April

Viajes Nepal


There are several great places on the planet for a photographer to be amazed by their landscape. The East slope of the Rocky Mountains, with its forests and some of the most famous National Parks of the United States, is undoubtedly one of them. Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Anteope Island, Grand Teton, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley ... are some of the mythical places through which we will pass to take the best of their landscapes. We will do it with another American symbol: on the back of a 'motor home'. Enjoying a house with views at all times. Yellowstone with its bears and moose, which tend to get pretty close to the roads; its famous geysers, the colorful Marmot hot springs terraces and the Gibbon fall. In Grant Teton we will not miss the reflection of the 4,000 meter peaks in Jenny Lake. And Bryce canyon will give us the opportunity to enjoy the composition with its thousands of needles of whimsical shapes dyed in the most diverse colors throughout the day. The Colorado Canyon will not be left out, and the farewell location cannot be any other than the iconic landscape of Monument Valley with the flavor of the purest American West.

Date: September - October

Viajes Nepal


Madagascar is an intriguing island whose name sounds like an unknown, wonderful destination. It is, without a doubt, the perfect destination for the photographer who wants to combine nature and ethnic photography. This piece of Africa that remained floating in the Indian, evolved as a world apart. Proof of this are its unique animal and botanical species in the world and why Madagascar is such a special destination. Being the largest island in Africa and the fourth in the world, it has an amazing variety of landscape as well as different ethnic groups inhabit the different territories that make up the island such as jungle, mountain, the savannah and of course the coast. Features, homes and customs change according to the area. Components that mix a trip with photographic elements: ethnic, landscape and of course nature. Headed by the different species of lemurs - which are around a hundred - the fossa, one of the island's carnivores, the variety of chameleons, the jungle, the savannah, the different groves of baobas, the cleaning of its starry skies ... A photographic journey that you will always remember.

Date: October

Viajes Sahara

Colours of the SAHARA

There is no better title for this Workshop that I have designed for lovers of travel and adventure photography. Southern Morocco is a perfect training ground for the photographer who wants to get into ethnic and reportage photography. The variety of situations and sensations that traveling through its territory offers are worthy of a whole book, but if we add to that traveling to the great south, to the dunes, at the gates of the Sahara, it is simply wonderful. In the Erg Chebbi we will start a journey with a camel caravan guided by Berbers, camping with the nomadic shepherds of the “Hammada and in the middle of the sand, next to one of the largest dunes in this piece of Moroccan desert. Varied lights, the shapes that produce the shadows, the clear blue skies with the precise cloud that will give magic to our photo, starry nights - practicing night photography - and the climax with the sensational sunrises and sunsets that stain the red and orange A universe of sand that we will have before us… We will portray the people, the villages learning to blend colors and compose the simplicity of a unique landscape. We will pass through the mountains and through disturbing towns and landscapes that will assail us in a circuit designed to be at the right time at the right time. Markets, kasbas. We will learn to be attentive to having the soul of a reporter and we will be imbued with that special spirit that surrounds photographers who have learned to see everything that surrounds them in a special way.


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Viajes Mont Blanc


A trip designed to "spend" the time necessary in each shot, without feeling like a rare bird on a conventional trip. Not only do we have time to photograph, but the places we will discover belong to the inaccessible diaries and agendas that mountain photographers keep secret: lakes with reflections, pink sunrises, red sunsets, great glaciers descending in the form of giant waterfalls towards the valleys, the light of the high mountain in all its purity. All under the scenery of the great mountain, Mont Blanc, coveted by the best mountaineers and the massif most sought after by mountain photographers. A trip designed to measure and perfect, to bring us the best images, not only because the place is impressive, but because I will be with you at all times, advising you on each shot, discovering every detail of the landscape, and suggesting compositions at each step.


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Viajes Alpes


The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe. In this enormous mountain comb of almost 3,000 kilometres, attractive peaks come together in an impressive setting of valleys and mountain ranges. The beginning of summer makes it easier to approach many of them. My photographic journey is designed to capture some of the most iconic mountains in the Alps in a circular tour with highly varied locations, including many of the best orientations of the main mountains that make the Alpine range iconic. The Mont Blanc from France, the so-called Monte Bianco by the Italians, or its precious Monte Rosa; the Matterhorn, in Switzerland, as one of the icons for world mountain photography, and the impressive Eiger-Jungfrau, located in two Swiss valleys, perfect for photography: Grindelwald and Goms. In the latter we will have the impressive aerial view of the Aletsch Glacier, the largest in the Alps. In addition to the peaks and their surroundings, the trip is designed to photograph other natural elements that come together in the mountain ranges and valleys of the Alps: lagoons, streams with impressive mountain backgrounds, mountain goats "posing" in a landscape matchless. The trip is designed with a circular route by vehicle, which allows light mobility to make certain stops in transit between the countries visited or the meteorological events that these mountains offer.

Dates: End of June - July MORE INFO (Spanish)

Viajes Dolomita


The Italian Dolomite mountains are a universe of rock needles rising from valleys with high meadows and forests of deciduous rock trees. Autumn in these mountains, which are sometimes dotted with snow in their highest areas - some with perpetual snow - explodes with a colorful variety of oranges, reds and yellows. The different situation of its valleys and orientations means that the Dates are not the same for each of its corners. Our trip - different from others - is designed to pass through many of the areas with the greatest presence of autumn and with a greater variety of landscapes, such as forests with rocky peaks, mountains, deep valleys and different lakes. We will go to wonderful locations at sunrise and sunset, reinforcing shots throughout the day, as a result of the changing lights offered by the massif in the fall.

Dates: Oct - Nov

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Viajes Dolomita


The Dolomites is a sanctuary for mountain photography with its spiky rocky peaks, and its ridges that turn red at dusk and dawn like the Civetta or that play with the clouds like Mount Pelmo. Hills and mountain passes with a bluish atmosphere that are lost in the valleys; reflections in lagoons, and streams between meadows of wild flowers. Everything to make up beautify contrasting compositions. Each route is chosen for photography: The three peaks of Lavaredo, La Croda di Lago, La Marmolada ... A fantastic workshop.


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Viajes Dolomita


The Dolomites mountains have a unique appearance that places them as a unique place in the world. The mountain range is formed by several cords of very vertical limestone needles of various shapes. There are elevations that in their volume are like mountains, but almost always of clean rock. The woods are below. Added to this is the fact that in winter, snow decorates the rock at peaks, edges and ridges. It also does so in the different valleys that make up the massif, and which are very varied due to their geology and orientation. Factors that influence the plasticity for photography by the type of light it receives. My trip to the Dolomites makes an almost complete "turn" through corners with truly spectacular locations, and in most cases with easy access.

Dates : Feb / March

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Weekend Workshops

Taller Fin de semana


Workshops and courses with more didactic content developed on weekends throughout the year, where you will have the opportunity to acquire, develop and strengthen knowledge of photography in a quick and practical way. The workshops have a theoretical design that can be applied immediately to real situations.

Can be customised for photographic associations, hiking and mountain clubs




You don't have time, dates don't fit your schedule, you want something more personal. This new program is simple and effective: a private teacher for everything you want to learn: Travel photography, Mountain photography, Climbing photography ... Contact me directly and we will design a course to suit you wherever you want.

Curso Práctico de Revelado


Photocoach in digital editing using Photoshop. A totally personalized workshop to be able to bring out the best in our own images. The vast majority of images captured by amateurs remain dead in our computer folders because we think that they have not turned out quite right. Digital photography has a language and tools that need to be sharpened to make a qualitative leap in photography. The development, previously processed by laboratories in the analog stage, continues to exist today and is in our hands. Far from tricks, tutorials and global methods, I offer the easiest and most effective way to quickly get to the "perfect" photo.